Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat was the first entry in the famous and highly controversial Mortal Kombat fighting game series by Midway Games, released in arcades in 1992. It was later picked up by Acclaim Entertainment for the home version, then later returned to Midway.


Monster Fair brings a classic from the arcades to your PC - pinball.


Space Invasion  v.1.0

So much has been written about Space Invaders that to try and come up with something new to say about it is almost impossible. You've heard all the stories before. Coffee shops turned into Space Invaders arcades, quite literally, overnight.

Blaster lite  v.1.0

A nice free must - have-game for the fans or new arcades. This game is a preparation for the big day of Star Wars. You've got a good chance to fight for your little universe and then you'll be able to defend the whole world. Your sharp eyes,

Szeged Panteon  v.

Enjoy a short walk under the arcades and listen to some of the most famous Hungarian music and poems! The Szeged Pantheon application was developed to introduce one of the most beautiful sights of the county. This little Hall of Fame has paramount

Tama-Chan  v.

Influenced by one of the biggest hits from the 80's arcades,

Star Bouncer  v.

STAR BOUNCERS WANTED! Relive the late 70's and early 80's arcades with this adaptation of a popular circus game; now updated for the Windows Phone. Updated in 1.3 Fixed authentication for facebook Fixed resuming and the stars not restarting Made

Stack'Em  v.

Stack'Em is like that crazy stacker game you see and most likely have played in the arcades. The aim is to stack all the blocks to the top where at each level the blocks move faster.

Ring Toss or Throw - Focus & Strategy Trainer - 3D Arcade & Carnival Game  v.1.2

Remember the old-time ring-toss games at carnivals and arcades where you’d throw a ring at an array of bottles to win fun prizes?

Line Segment Cycles Game  v.1.1.2

Line Segment Cycles Game is a free game for you to play two player arcades in one computer.

Absolute Pool

A well known game on billiards table. You have to put all the balls into the pockets. It does not matter which pockets, but it does matter which balls - they must be done in order - starting from number one to last. And that's all - now try to top the

Free Movie Stars Sketcher

A free screen saver with the sketches of movie stars. Have a look at the new appearance of Hollywood blockbuster celebrities - bright and entertaining sketches will save your screen and give you some pleasant minutes watching famous actors come to your

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